Troubleshoot & FAQ

Customer support:

If for any reason you are having buyer’s remorse, please contact us as quickly as possible and we will arrange for a refund.
  • Size- the nascita is a larger mouse compared to the vitesse
  • Weight- the vitesse weighs 30g lighter than the nascita
  • Sensor- the nascita uses a laser sensor while the vitesse uses an optical sensor
  • autore

    The first time you plug in the autore, your device needs to recognize it. This can take a few minutes. We recommend waiting 3 minutes when plugging in the keyboard the first time. If that does not work try switching USB ports.


    The cable comes pre-installed with a 6.35mm jack. Unscrew it to reveal the smaller 3.5mm jack underneath. In addition there is a USB adaptor that the 3.5mm jacks of the headset and mic can be connected to.
    These two videos show how to tighten or put the headbands back together
    1. If the headband is loose- loose headband
    2. If the headband has come apart- headband has come apart


    The cable is likely damaged/ faulty. Please contact our customer service team and we will open a ticket to fix it for you.